All-in-one, laser or inkjet: which printer to choose?

All-in-one laser or inkjet- which printer to choose

Need a new printer? In this case, you probably need some explanation to know which printer to choose. This guide gives you more info on the different types of printers and their convenient (and economical) features.

  • Compare the different types of printers
  • Faster, more efficient and more powerful
  • Print remotely
  • Where do you want to use your printer?
  • Choosing a printer based on the cost of printing
  • Conclusion: which printer to buy?

Compare the different types of printers

The all-in-one printer is the most versatile. With just one device, you print, copy, scan and fax your documents. Looking for speed? The  laser printers are for you. They print 12 to 24 pages per minute. Ultimately, inkjet printers  shine with their photo print quality.

Want to take and print photos wherever you are? In this case, there are 3 options:

  • A portable printer gives you the flexibility to use it anywhere. The printer works with a rechargeable battery. You can usually print in A4 size .
  • A pocket printer is a mini printer that fits perfectly in your pocket. Send photos from your smartphone or tablet through the app to your printer and quickly share them with your friends. Thanks to the rechargeable battery, you can use it anywhere. The photos have a size of 4 x 6 cm to 6 x 8 cm depending on the model. A big advantage is that you do not need ink cartridges : thanks to the specific printing technology, the photo paper itself provides the colors.
  • An all-in-one printer takes photos in the classic 10 x 15 cm format. Fast and easy, because here too you use specific photo paper. So you will never run out of ink and the print quality will always be excellent. Unlike a pocket printer, a compact photo printer usually requires a power outlet .

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Faster, more efficient and more powerful

Do you regularly print long documents? Then there is no doubt: you need a  laser printer . It guarantees professional quality prints, with great printing power and high speed.

Laser printers work not with traditional cartridges, but with toners . And with just one toner, you print up to 1,500 black and white pages . Thus, you change cartridges less often and your printing cost per page remains low.

Last advantage? Most laser printers have a large paper reservoir (150 to 250 pages) . This way, you renew your stock ofprinter paper.

For all types of printers, there are models that allow remote printing. Via your PC, or even your smartphone or tablet . Here are the different remote printing possibilities:

  • Wi-Fi : Start printing over your Wi-Fi network.
  • Print via e-mail : Start printing via the e-mail address linked to your printer.
  • Google Cloud Print : Print your documents by connecting your printer to your Google account.
  • Bluetooth : send your files for printing at a distance of max. 10 m from your printer.
  • NFC : print your documents by creating a contact between the NFC chip on your printer and that on your mobile device.
  • Apple Air Print : print your documents using the iOS of your iPhone or iPad

Where do you want to use your printer

Do you plan to print in an office where many people are talking or on the phone? In this case, it may be better to opt for a silent printer . Once again,  laser printers stand out in this area. Their toners contain a powder which is heated to print. This printing process is less noisy than a conversation between 2 people.

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2nd  environmental factor: the space available to you . Don’t have a lot of room for your device? Choose a compact model and check if its dimensions correspond to the space available to install it.

Choosing a printer based on the cost of printing

Last element to take into account: the price per page. It mainly depends on the ink used. Here too, the toners of laser printers are very efficient. This is the best option if you want to print in black & white.

Multifunction printers print through ink cartridges. To reduce the cost of printing, opt for a  model with separate cartridges . If  one of the colors is empty. So you just have to replace this color. This way, you don’t waste a drop of ink. Plus, there are now eco-friendly ink bottles available that you refill rather than replace.

Another factor that can influence the price of the  paper to print. The thicker it is, the higher its price will be. It’s up to you to decide what quality your paper should have. You can print on thinner paper at home and choose heavier paper for other documents. And for photos, glossy photo paper is of course the best option.

Do you print your documents on both sides? If your answer is yes you can immediately save 50% of paper. Make your life easier by opting directly for a model with double-sided printing .

Conclusion: which printer to buy

Now you know the difference between all-in-one printers, laser printers, and inkjet printers. And you know how useful features like wireless or double-sided printing are. Now it’s your turn to purchase a printer that suits your needs. Want more help ? Follow our advice module and find out, in a few steps, which printer is right for you!

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