Best Printer for Your Business: A Buying Guide

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 We easily forget the importance of having a quality printer when we embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship. Using  your home printer or choosing a second-hand printer can cost you money. The latest printers can be it an

  • entry-level inkjet printer or
  • the best laser printer

 They can save your  time and energy.  And also can save your money over time.

Here are some details to consider when choosing the printer for your small business.

Different types of printer for your business

Laser printers

In the past, laser printers were more expensive than other models. But nowadays that is less and less true. You have a wide choice of models: colors, endurance, etc. If you need a printer just to print emails and invoices, go for a black and white printer.

A laser printer  can print  more pages  within a per minute than an inkjet printer.  Because toner is fixed across the width of the page while inkjet toner uses a print head moving across the entire page document. In addition with an inkjet printer, you have to wait for the ink to dry.

However, laser printer cartridges are often more expensive than inkjet printer refills. This is because they may print more pages before being replaced. The number of pages a cartridge can print is called the “page yield”.

If you plan to print a lot of documents  then feel free to compare this yield by model and also check the price of cartridges or toners to assess the total cost.

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After all, the cost of the cartridges will obviously be essential in the final choice to avoid disappointments over time.

Inkjet printers

They may take longer  time to print, but these printers can achieve some pretty impressive results. By configuring the right computer settings and choosing the right paper ( photo paper, card stock, etc.), you can produce quality prints at a lower cost.

 Keep in mind  that printing in high definition, increases ink usage and ink cartridges will have lower yields so they will need to be changed regularly.

These equipment’s are versatile. You can print stylish monochrome business cards or colorful photographs.

 These printers are perfect for small businesses. You can choose them with touch screen or Wi-Fi. They are also quite compact which is quite practical when you have little space.

For SMBs who prefer scanning to hardcopy, inkjet printers are all right. Because they cost less than laser printers and their cartridges are much more affordable.

 If you print few documents, this is not a problem. Because inkjet printers are slower and their cartridges last less. Also keep in mind that technology continues to evolve and that today’s machines are much more efficient than they were in the past.

Multifunction printers

Many small businesses rely on a successful and versatile team. Multifunction printers work the same way.

Multifunction printers can print, scan, and even fax. As a bonus, you can even choose either laser or inkjet models.

Some multifunction printers like the Canon Maxify.  Offer more possibilities like  as double-sided printing. And reduce the  costs in terms of paper, a wireless connection to your phone and to your corporate network. You can even scan documents and save them to the cloud.

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 Even though it is a little bigger than a standard printer, the Canon Maxify combines 4 tools in one.  So, in any case, it will save you from buying 4 machines.

When  you are going to purchase  a printer, the key to success is choosing the one that will best suit your business.

 Think about the use you will make of it (quantity of printing, color or black and white, wired connection or not, scanner and fax).

Also, keep in mind that your needs may change over time. Take the lead, this will prevent you from having to switch to a more different model in the near future.

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