Choosing the right printer: buying instructions

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An overview of the criteria,  must have to consider when you are going to purchase.  At first, do questions & ask yourself  then choose  the model that meets your demand. We are trying to give the possible answer to your questions in this article.

Different  types of printers

Black and White

If you have to print only black and white text or tables, this printer is more  than enough for you. This printer is generally equipped with a laser, most monochrome inkjet models. At  present it is  rare to see in the market.

Multifunction black and white

Besides black and white printing, this model serves as a scanner, copier or even fax. It  is takes less space than several peripherals. This printer is usually equipped with a laser.


With a color model, you can print anything you want: text, graphics, and images, sometimes in photo quality.

Multifunction color

A multifunction machine provides many services such as printing, scanning, photocopying, even faxing. Sometimes it thanks to a card reader & prints photos  without using a PC.

Looking for the best printer?

We tested 137 models. So trust us with this!

What types of printer for what use


•  Occasional work: inkjet or monochrome laser

•  Large volumes: monochrome laser

Color text

•  Occasional work: inkjet

•   Large volumes: color laser

Graphics in black

•  Occasional work: inkjet or monochrome laser

•  Large volumes: monochrome laser

Color graphics

•  Occasional work: inkjet

•  Large volumes: color laser

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Standard quality photos

•  Occasional work: inkjet or color laser

•  Large volumes: color laser

High quality photos

•  Occasional work: inkjet

•  Large volumes: inkjet

Telecommuting: How to choose the best printer

 In the present era of teleworking,   assurances of making the best choice of printer for the home is important.

Other features which have to consider

Wi fi

Most printers have built in Wi fi based . This allows you to print your documents wirelessly at home from multiple PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones and this is a way of smartness.

Duplex printing

To reduce your paper consumption & cost,  this model of your choice is capable of print double-sided. 

Printing on A3

If you want to print large format documents, posters or photos, go  for a printer with a tray designed for A3 size sheets. However, it obviously consume more space than a simple A4 printer.

Automatic Document Feeder

This function is very handy if you want to print a large number of pages at one time.

HP formal notice

In collaboration with other consumer associations, we send a formal notice to HP.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Now we are going to answer your most frequently asked questions about purchasing a printer.

What is the difference between an inkjet printer and a laser printer

Inkjet: – It is suitable for versatile family use.

– Advantages: It is smaller, less noisy and less expensive than a laser. It can produce good quality color prints including photos.

– Disadvantages: Ink costs are generally higher. It is slower than a laser to print black and white pages.

Laser – It is best suited for heavy use.

– Advantages: Prints are fast; printing large quantities of documents is cheaper, although the costs of use tend to approach.

– Disadvantages: It is more expensive to buy than an inkjet. Although the prices tend to get closer from year to year. It is also takes more space and often more noisy.

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How to choose ink cartridges


Don’t be fooled by the possibly very low purchase price of the printer. But must pay particular attention to the price of ink cartridges. Printers intended for professional use are more expensive to purchase but offer a cost per page generally much lower than that of consumer models.

Separate cartridges

If you are purchasing a color printer, choose separate cartridges to keep costs down on consumables. So that you won’t have to change them all when one of the colors runs out. 

Big capacity

High Yield or High Capacity ink cartridges are always more attractive. In terms of printing cost than standard cartridges, usually delivered with the device at the time of purchase.

Tank printers

This is the recently added functions, these machines are mainly intended for large printing volumes. The ink is bought in small cans which allow the filling of the internal reservoirs. In this way the costs per printed page sometimes decrease up. A tenth of an impression on an inkjet machine operating with traditional cartridges.

Alternative brands

Alternative ink cartridges are cheaper than branded ones. Most offer almost as good print quality of text and graphics as original brand cartridges. However this is not frequent, if you want to print excellent quality photos. Some brands like HP, make it difficult to use alternative cartridges.

If you are looking for original ink, you will have to find a wide selection online. Our price analysis shows you where to find the cheapest cartridges and toners.

Which printer to choose for printing photos

There are many available options to you:

Photo printer

The term “photo printer” does not define much in itself. For some, it means an A4 multifunction printer giving good photo prints. For others, it may be a compact printer dedicated only to printing small photos (see below). For some others, it may be an A3 printer specifically designed for printing high-resolution& lab-quality photos.

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Mini photo printer

 In an immediate case, Small transportable printers allow you to print your pictures (for example to offer them at an event). The photos will cost more than those taken out of a lab (between € 0.33 and € 1, not counting the price of the printer) and obviously may not have the same quality, but they will be immediate and have a certain charm.

Three techniques co-exist. Thermal sublimation superimposes 3 layers of wax (yellow, magenta and cyan) before covering them with a protective varnish. The Zink technique does not require ink (hence it’s another  name are zero ink & without ink). In fact, its special paper, quite strong,  the ink in the form of crystals divided into 3 layers. The colors appear  when the device heats the crystals . Finally, Instax printing gives these famous square photos whose image is revealed little by little. The paper that is inserted into the device contains 3 layers of emulsion, developer and fixer. Developer triggers development when the photo leaves the camera.

If you are looking for good quality then choose a thermal sublimation printer. If you just want a cool souvenir, you might like Zink and Instax techniques. The devices that use them offer small formats that are easy to slip into your wallet and most stickers.

Memory card slot

Some printers have a memory card slot that allows you  to print your photos without going through a computer.

Ordinary printers

You may as well decide to print your photos via an ordinary printer. Inkjet printers generally perform better for color photos, as long as you are using specific photo paper. The quality of black, on the other hand, is higher with laser printers. Another advantage of laser prints is that they don’t smudge when you rub your hand over the freshly made print, which is sometimes happens  the with inkjet printing.

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