Eco-friendly printing: A buying guide


If you want to to save your budget or the environment. Then your best interest is to select a printer that is right for you.  Which has both economical and ecological  possible. And also assure the limit printing to essential documents only.

You can read our file on the right reflexes that will help you to

  • reduce your printing costs
  • reduce the impact on the environment.

Choice of device

If your printer is from the year one thousand (say the year two thousand), it might be beneficial for you to invest in a more economical device.  According to your printing volume & the nature of the documents with your possible  budget choose yours device.

Inkjet printer

 This type is more suitable for small quantities than laser printers. This can use  four colors of ink on the paper to form the chosen characters and shapes in any project. The inkjet printer is the go-to choice for small businesses and single-family homes.

Laser printer

 Common features  of a laser printer are

  • Intended for larger print volumes
  • they use sheets of printer paper and toner cartridges which
  •  although more expensive to purchase
  •  last much longer than ink cartridges (it is estimated that a toner cartridge can print several thousand pages).

A laser printer is a larger investment than an inkjet printer. But,  its maintenance is more economical in the long run. Especially if you are printing high volumes.

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Some additional considerations

Efficiency and energy consumption

 Printers are categorized based on their power consumption as with the households appliances.   So, you can choose a printer stamped with the label

Energy Star

Printers receive this label when  they fulfill  all the performance and eco-responsibility criteria. Also compare with,

  • the print cost per page, based on the specifics of each machine,
  •  to save money and ink.
  • Rely on a single printer for the entire office rather than one printer per person or per department.
  •  Frequent use of the machine can prevent the ink cartridges from drying out.

Multifunction printer

Multifunction printers are available in inkjet or laser versions and allow multiple functions to be combined in one device. In addition to their printing function, they can be used as

  • a scanner
  •  a copier
  • In some cases even a fax machine.

The maintenance costs are similar to those of a single-function printer, whether it is a laser or inkjet device. The main benefits  of a multifunction device is that,

  • It saves space
  • Money
  •  and maintenance

compared to the three or four devices that would have to be acquired, connected and maintained to have access to the same advantages.

Monitor consumables


Prefer a printer with individual cartridges. So if you use one color more often than another, you shouldn’t waste the other colors when you change the cartridge. Select the  cartridges that are compatible with your printer rather than branded cartridges. Actually they cost less without reducing the quality of the print. Purchase  multiple cartridges at once, or choose larger cartridges that will last longer. Although it seems more expensive at the time of purchase.

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The paper

Purchase reams of paper which bears the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label that  doesn’t harm the  environment. Select  paper with

  • the most recycled elements
  •  Or more durable materials

such as paper made from sugar cane.

Limit impressions

Encourage your employees or family to limit the number of documents they print and prevent them from wasting. Many people have gotten into the habit of printing their emails or an often gesture unnecessary  that costs a lot of ink and paper which is completely rather than wasting .  By limiting printing to essential documents, you can then afford to use higher quality materials. And also , it is not always essential to print the entire document, right? You may be able to just print the page you want (click Properties on the printer menu). Likewise, encourage all users of your printer to use color printing only if strictly necessary. Printing in black and white is  also less expensive.


It doesn’t sound much. But it is possible to save a lot of ink and paper by simply changing the typeface (replace Arial 12 with Times New Roman 10) and limiting the bold type.

Both sides

Selection of  two-sided printing is a great way to monetize your ream of paper is to print on both sides of each page. And remember to change your printer’s default settings.

Maintaining Your Printer

Keep your printer clean inside and out. There are generic cleaning products designed to access all areas of your printer to prevent dust from accumulating there.

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Maintain the nozzles (print headed )

 To  prevent them from getting clogged. If the documents you print have white lines across the text or image or even with a new ink cartridge.  You will need to remove them from your printer to clean them with deionized water and a cloth.

Regularly clean the scanner cell and the white roller,

  • unplug the printer
  •  open the device
  •  and remove the white roller to locate the scanner cell.

 Both can be cleaned with a soft cloth moistened with deionized water.

Reuse and recycling

When the ink or toner reaches the end of its life then you should  recycle its components. With the right equipment and  you may need a little practice. It is possible to refill your cartridges yourself. Give a second life to already printed paper by using the back of a sheet whose front has already been printed for a new print or for your in-house drafts.

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